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Sentinel Rc Strobe/Navigation Light


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Rc Strobe & Navigation Led Light

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     Sentinel is a multipurpose led light for multicopters, helicopters,rc planes and rc vehicles.Works with 3-6 cell lithium polymer batteries.

     Sentinel works on batteries balance connector.All you need is to plug it to balance socket and connect to your radio receivers 3 position switch channel.

     Sentinel shows battery levels with colors. Explanation on a cell of battery:

     4.2V-3.9V Green zone:When sentinel works at silent mode or navigation-strobe mode,led lights look normal(off or green-red) When you choose tail marker mode, led strips will be green.

     3.9V-3.7V Purple zone : Stripes will be purple for all modes.if Sentinel at silent mode, led strips will be on and informs.If it is working at navigation-strobe mode,stipes will be purple and warns you.

     3.7V-3.6V Purple flash zone : Strips flashes purple for all modes.if Sentinel at silent mode, led strips will be on and informs.If it is working at navigation-strobe mode,stripes flashes purple and warns you.

     Under 3.6V Red Zone:Led stripes flashes for all modes.If you are flying,it is time to landing.

     You can calculate total battery voltage with multiply cell count. 

      Why should I use Sentinel?

     Main idea is saving your rc model from bad lipos or crashes cause of battery.Sentinel checkes each cell of your lithium polymer battery in midflight and informs you about bad balanced or deffected cells.Sentinel checks total energy of battery and informs you ,also.When a cell descends 0,2V from other cells, Sentinel warns you with a sequence of lights like -RED_BLUE_RED_YELLOW_RED_WHITE- .If you realize this sequence, you must go to a safe area and land quickly. Your lipo will left the game..

    Unbalanced cell alarm

     When you plug the Sentinel to your rc model,Sentinel starts with a sequence for checking led strip colors ,battey cells and sugestion about flying or not flying.


     Sentinel shows  led strip' color in a sequence for to be sure the health of led strip. RED_GREEN_BLUE and STROBE_STROBE .Thats means; led strip is healthy and ready to run.

    Start up Sequence

       2.Battery Check:

     Sentinel checks your batteries' cells one bye one and flashes about cell energies.

        A green flash means good, a yellow one is not bad but be careful, a red ones means  don't fly.Sentinel mesaures all cells and flashes once for each cell.Finally if your batteries has enough power for flying, Sentinel turns led strips to green and that means GO! If your batteries' power is not enough for flying, led strip will be yellow or red.

        3.Mid flight Modes:

     You can change modes of Sentinel in midflight with a channel from your rc receiver.Our suggestion is plug it a 3 way switch of your radio.

        Lightning modes:

    • Tail marker mode: Sentinel informs you about situation of your battery in midflight.If every cell has enough energy,leds will be green. When a cell descends, cell sequence will be active and you will see -RED_BLUE_RED_YELLOW_RED_WHITE- sequence.If your battery voltage drops, all strips will be YELLOW-Flashing YELLOW and finally FLASHING RED for emergency landing.
    • Silent mode: Turns lights off if everything is OK. Alarms will run when the voltage drops or cell problem occurs.  
    • Navigation strobe mode: Assists you when you need to know the orientation of your rc model.In navigation strobe mode one of strip will be red and other one will be green.They strobe together and helps to find the right direction.Navigation mode is good for scale models and night flying. Also battery checking and cell correction works with this mode. When a problem occurs about your battery,alarms will be active.



    • Power consumption:Sentinel uses 90-100mA for hour from your battery.(for 1m RGB led strip)
    • Sentinel has 2x3 12V 1,5A outputs for a RGB led strip.You can use your own led strips up to 1.5A
    • FTDI connection is available on the board.You can create your own lightning sequences.
    • 1 meter rgb led is included to Sentinel.Prepared for seperating for any point,connectors soldered two side with 20cm wire. You can cut the strip where you want to use and you will have a pair led strips for usage without any soldering experience.


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Sentinel Rc Strobe/Navigation Light

Sentinel Rc Strobe/Navigation Light

Rc Strobe & Navigation Led Light

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